The Bikini Guide

This is my comprehensive training program which is designed to help you build the Bikini body your looking for?

Do you struggle to develop your Glutes? And get a smaller waist? This program is perfect for you as it is focused on developing these KEY areas to create the perfect Bikini Beach Body

The Training Split is below(Feel free to start on any day of the week but keep the days in order)

Monday – Hamstrings & Glutes
Tuesday – Delts, Chest, Triceps
Wednesday – Back, Biceps, Rear Delts
Thursday – Rest Day or Cardio 30 minutes fasted keeping Heart rate around 130 BPM
Friday – Quads & Glutes
Saturday – Back & Side Delts
Sunday – Rest day or Cardio 30 minutes fasted keeping Heart rate around 130bpm

The training program is completely interactive and has full videos on how to do each exercise which is within the program!



“I absolutely love the Ultimate Bikini Plan, it’s completely transformed my training! The training works really well for me and is super effective. I have a 3 year old daughter and I’m a full time firefighter so I have to be fit and strong, so far the program has surpassed all my expectations!! 💪🏼 Lexi from Liverpool