Absolute Abs Plan

Do you struggle to build your abs?

You train them, but nothing happens right?

I used to be that guy, until I realised you had to train your abs consistently with the correct programming and movements to get optimal results!

After 10 years of training, the penny finally dropped and I found a list of the BEST exercises to develop some serious abs to be proud of!

Well that 10 years of experience I have complied into an easy to follow plan called Absolute Abs!

This plan is designed to build abdominal thickness, shape and definition. This program consists of 6 different workouts to be rotated over a 2 week period. This plan will give you a clear structure on how to build your upper abs, lower abs and obliques in a variety of different movements. Any questions, please feel free to email me at cjcoaching@icloud.com



"With the help of Charlies Absolute Abs plan I was able to SIGNIFICANTLY increase the amount of development in my abdominal area, this worked beautifully well alongside my cut for my summer holiday, the plan is easy to follow and tags on well to all of my other training days" Danny from England