“Who the heck is this guy?”

“What does he know about health and fitness?”

“Is he just another influencer?”

These are all valid questions.

The fitness world is full of dodgy gurus, Instagram coaches who love to say “Bosh!”, and even reality tv stars willing to sell ‘supplements’ laced with cyanide (Google that!)...

So it’s natural to be a little cautious about who you’re taking advice from.

Good news is, I’m none of those things. So who am I?

Well, I’m someone who hasn’t always been in great shape, despite what I look like these days. You see, all my life I’ve had very flat feet, which always caused me a lot of issues when it came to staying active.

When I was a kid it all got a bit too much. The daily pain, discomfort and misery of my damn flat feet meant I eventually QUIT.

I quit exercising…

I quit watching what I ate...

And I quit caring...

As a result I just piled on the pounds and became ‘Fat Charlie’. It meant growing up was a nightmare. The kids teased me at school as kids do, and my passion for sport started to slip away. But enough was enough.

Rather than accept my situation, I sought help to fix my issues.

Long story short, I got back into sports like rugby and skiing (little known fact I am a qualified ski instructor). Rugby eventually pushed me into the gym, where I found my real passion.

I LOVED weight training.

From Day 1 I was hooked. Seeing my physique evolve was addictive, a real rush of achievement and control over my destiny. I thrived off the fact the muscle I was gaining and the fat I was melting away was all down to me, and no one else.

One thing led to another and I completed a personal training course back in 2008 (so yeah I’m actually qualified unlike most ‘Instagram’ coaches).

I built a large team of PT clients, did some skiing in the Alps, and in 2010 I got lured into the property industry - as you do.

Why am I telling you this? Because alongside my property career and PT career, I still found time to progressively sculpt my physique whilst working a 60 hour week.

Not to mention I then launched my online coaching. So yeah, I know what it’s like to be crazy-busy whilst trying to stay in decent shape. It ain’t easy!

But it didn’t stop me. In 2016 I competed in bodybuilding Muscle Model and Fitness Model competitions, signed a sponsorship deal with Adapt Nutrition and got featured in Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

So I’ve been there and done it all.

But that’s enough about me, because there’s one thing I love more than anything about this fitness game…

Helping others crush their fat loss, muscle building and health goals!

Look, I get it, it’s not easy. But if it were then everyone would look like a fitness model. I want to show you that anything is possible though.

You can have everything in life you want, if you go after it.

That means you can manage a professional career...

Spend time with your family...

Have a social life…

Enjoy your favourite foods....

AND build that dream physique you picture in your head every day.

But I’m sure you’re wondering what makes me different from other coaches?


Let’s Start By Talking About Training

My take on training is to focus on the basics.

1. Work hard...
2. Be consistent...
3. Focus on slow, but steady progress...

Too often I see coaches make building a great physique an overcomplicated, arduous affair. It causes people to feel overwhelmed and eventually throw in the towel.

News flash: it doesn’t have to be grueling!

How? - By finding your WHY. The thing that drives that hunger to transform your body. The reason you can’t get to sleep at night.

Whether that’s because you hate looking at your body in the mirror...

Feel embarrassed being naked in front of your partner…

Or want to be that person who gets admiring looks at the gym and on the beach.

So What About Nutrition?

Flexibility and balance are key.

We live in a fast paced world, have busy jobs, families and social lives that take up lots of our time…

So it’s just not practical to follow an overly regimented plan that puts ridiculous restrictions on food.

And looking at this from a real world perspective, if your nutrition is so restrictive you start to hate life, you’re just going to quit, right? Instead I work on a balanced approach.

This means you can go out for a work lunch, you can have a romantic meal at the weekend with your partner and you don’t have to turn down invites to BBQ’s and weddings.

Is this the best way to diet and get results?

Well, I’ve tried nearly every dieting approach under the sun from “Carb cycling”, “Carb back loading”, “IIFYM” and even “KETO” So I know what works in terms of getting results, but also creating that crucial balance so it doesn’t become such a chore.


But What Is “Balance”?

Let’s start with the golden rule: what works for one person might not work for another - everybody is different. Therefore different dietary approaches will be suitable for different individuals.

You have to find a diet that will suit your lifestyle, be sustainable and ultimately deliver you the end result you’re looking for. So my job is to find out everything I can about you and then use my experience with all of those ‘dieting’ methods to create a plan with the right balance.

For instance, I am a big fan of centering the food I enjoy around the post workout period such as cereal, bagels, sushi and other carby treats. Doing this means I get to eat food I really enjoy, but also stick to a fairly strict macronutrient based plan that’s consistent day-to-day.

My point is, whether you like a straight-up stricter plan like me, or prefer something that allows you to swap foods in and out easily each day, we can create that. It’s certainly not a case of “eat what I tell you and like it!”


What About Travel?

This is huge in my opinion and often overlooked. Most of us like to travel when we can and make the most of our time off work. Personally when I travel I have a far more relaxed approach. I can still maintain my physique whilst doing this, but I do find as soon as I’m back into my structured plan the results start flying again!

So I make it a priority to factor that down time into your nutrition so we can again nail that balance of results and enjoyment.

If you want the odd cheat meal for example, we can work that in, like I do when I go out with my wife.

But one thing I will say is, sacrifices do have to be made. Yes I’m all about balance and flexibility with food…

However, mind-blowing results will always require some enduring to an extent. It’s never a free ride. So just bear that in mind.

In my opinion nutrition has to be about maximising performance in the gym, to then maximise your physique and finally maximise your health, whilst avoiding that feeling of being on a ‘diet’.

~ Charlie