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I was born and raised in the beautiful countryside of Surrey just outside London. I have lived in England all my life. I also spend a lot of my time in Marbella, Spain where the rest of my family live. As a child I was very active then I started too suffer severely in my early teens. I have very flat feet, this was causing me a lot of issues when it came to my passion of sport.
Due to this I stopped being so active and then piled on the pounds. After being very unhappy and teased at school I thought enough was enough. I managed to pull myself together and work around my injury problems with professional help.
I then got back into rugby and skiing (little known fact I am a qualified ski instructor) the rugby eventually pushed me into the gym where I found my real passion.
From there I blossomed athletically and physically. As soon as I started weight training I was hooked, there was something magic to me that the results are all down to your own hard work. There is no one else to blame if you don’t progress, no team mate has let you down, no referee has cheated you out of a goal, its just down to you.
After school in 2008 I completed a personal training course with Premier Training receiving my level 2 and 3 personal training certificates. I then went onto work as a personal trainer in the Surrey area building a significant client base. I then left to follow my other passion which was skiing in the French Alps.
Upon returning to the UK in 2010 I got lured into the property industry, I have had an extremely successful career running a market leading estate agency branch.
Alongside my property career I have always progressively pushed my physique ambitions whilst working around a 60 hour corporate week. During the 7 years in the industry I also launched my own online training business which is why you are reading this and know who I am!
During my time working in the corporate industry I competed in the 2016 Muscle Model and Fitness Model categories, signed a sponsorship deal with Adapt Nutrition and have been featured in Muscle and Fitness Magazine.
That’s enough about me, now I want to show you that anything is possible and that you can have everything in life you want! You can manage a professional career, family life and also building the physique you want along the way.
My passion is to make you the best version of you!
Training Philosophy
Lifting weights and working out for me is freedom, in that moment nothing else matters, all the worries in the world disappear and its just you vs you. I will never stop training, it’s as much an outside process as an inside process. I do have those days (rarely) as we all do where I don’t want to train, or I question why I push myself through so much when my lungs and legs are burning through a set of squats.
My take on training is to focus on the basics, work very hard, consistently and constantly look to progress. If you follow these 3 basic principles whilst maintaining your body and training smart you will build the physique you want.
Personally my favourite aspect of the gym is that every set is a new challenge, it’s a competition to beat what you have achieved before.
Nutritional Approach
Flexibility is key.
We live in a fast pace world now, for many people its simply not practical to follow a regimented plan.
I myself am often in this situation, there is a massive misconception that all I eat is chicken, rice and broccoli everyday. This could not be further from the truth. I do follow a set plan based around my macronutrients, but I do have the flexibility within the structure of my programs, as I do for my clients, which allows them if they are out on business lunches or out with family to make the right choices so they still progress to their goals.
I have tried every different dieting approach under the sun from Carb cycling, Carb back loading, IIFYM and a Ketogenic diet. Trying all of these different approaches has given me an excellent understanding over the years of how the body reacts to different foods and how it makes me feel.
Now this is of paramount importance, what works for one person might not work for another, everybody is different. Therefore different dietary approaches will be suitable for different individuals.
You have to find a diet that will suit your lifestyle, be sustainable and ultimately deliver you the end result you are looking for!
Personally I find running on a strict program based around my relevant macronutrient levels works well for me, I love my food and base my diet around everything I enjoy, I am a big fan of pushing food I enjoy around the post workout period such as cereal, bagels, sushi and other carby treats.
Whilst I travel and I’m away I do have a much more relaxed approach, I can still maintain my physique whilst doing this but I do find as soon as I’m back into my structured plan the results start flying again!
I do have cheat meals when I want them and go out with my wife and family regularly, to enjoy them which is all part of having a well rounded healthy lifestyle physically and mentally.
In my opinion I find maximising performance in the gym, will then maximise your physique and both of these can only be achieved if you maximise your health, well being and nutritional approach.
~ Charlie