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So we get bombarded with all of these things about getting the right macros, micros, ensuring you are getting enough fibre into your diet. There might be another fad diet around the corner that someone is telling you to buy, what are the healthy food choice and which ones aren’t. We are told that these are the things that are going to get you success, get the body you want, the fitness you crave and overall improve your life.


But there is one thing that seems to get neglected a lot of the time and this secret key composes of 75% of your brain, 82% of your blood and 80% of the most important muscle in your body, your heart.


"I would highly recommend this program (12 week shred), and Charlie specifically as a coach, to anyone looking to lean FAST but also follow a regimented diet program to help educate you on what foods you should be eating throughout the day, but also the times at which you should be having meals around your workout schedule. I can honestly say that during the 12 week program I saw amazing results, and truly started to see a difference in body definition around the 5 week mark. I started this program off fairly "lean", however Charlie continued to push me and I was able to get extremely lean while maintaining muscle mass.


I'm now moving onto a bulk program with Charlie because I was so satisfied with the results, so I have committed to another 12 weeks to help put on healthy weight. I can't thank Charlie enough for the personalized work out routines, personalized diet and shopping list, and continuing to keep me motivated each week. It's been true life changer for me and I cannot be more thrilled with how my body looks, and more importantly, how I feel every day. Thank you Charlie!!!" Chris from the USA


Do you know what I am talking about yet?

It is water, the good old H20, the juice of nature, so pull up a chair and grab a good glass of water as we delve into three factors that alter the amount of water your body needs to be function at its best:


  • Exercise: So when we work out, we sweat right? With that you lose water and you can dehydrate your body. If you are training really hard and really giving it your all over and extended period of time, you must keep some water with you. Though many people love that the fact they are sweating is flushing out all that badness, you need to replenish it with good water. We want to keep our sodium levels up, so most of the time a good way to do this is by getting one of those sports drinks with sodium in it, low sodium can be life threatening!


  • Environment: It may be the middle of summer, it is a blaring hot day outside and you’ve got 20-30 people around you all getting their workout in, it is going to be hot and humid and that is generally dehydrating you without you having to do much. Most people recommend 8 glasses of water on a regular day but remember that if it is getting too hot outside you may want to consume more just to keep those levels up.


  • Illness and medical conditions: If you have any medical condition that affects the way your body works you need to be aware of it and also accommodate around it. If your body needs to work harder to regulate your temperature you have to fuel it a different way. If you are in doubt about anything to do with your health that is stopping you from performing the way you want too then consult a doctor.


Now how much water a day should you drink, I would recommend a bare minimum of 4 liners of water per day! Myself I drink closer to 7/8 litres per day!

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