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How Important Is Diet For FAT LOSS!

Now you’ve probably already heard the whole thing about 80/20 when it comes to dieting and exercise. The thing is a lot of people don’t really go into the depths of this because on social media and all around us we see a variety of people with good diets, poor diets and everything in between with either brilliant physiques or terrible ones.

The 80/20 works in most cases, not just in fitness. Whether you were assembling a new car or getting the body that you want you’ve got to ensure that you are filling it with the right material in order to make a good product at the end of it. In this instance we are talking about your body.

Though we all may like a takeaway or some bad food from time to time, they are usually filled with cheap substances, lots of sodium and bad fats and carbs that are not easily digestible and used as fuel. This is why a lot of personal trainers will be telling you that you need to remember to consume whole foods, a lot of people try and take short cuts with a variety of supplements and pills to fast track their physique and though they DO work, I am not taking away the value that they have, we still need to fuel our bodies with good wholesome food that is going to work for us.

For an example, eating chicken breast is generally going to be better for us than a protein shape because of the quality in it even though they may have similar levels of protein. But then it is one of those balancing acts that we have in life. A protein shake is better than nothing when you don’t have chicken to hand, or pre made.

So, when it comes down to diet, what should you be looking for? Well as a personal trainer you should be confident that the person you are hiring for guidance is all clued up on what you need to eat and when. It is not brilliant when you walk into some gyms and half of the PT’s are in worse shape than you and you see them devouring 7 protein bars, MacDonald’s for lunch and then they do a half-arsed workout to finish the day.

"I’m so happy with my progress honestly I really can thank you enough for the whole plan and your advice on everything, and I’ll definitely be doing another plan with you for sure man be absolutely brilliant, top coach mate you really are!
I am gobsmacked the results I have achieved whilst enjoying tonnes of food I love such as COCO Pops and Bagels! I am excited now to be hitting Ibiza in the best shape of my LIFE! Thank you again Charlie" Mitch from Surrey

Remember the fundamentals when it comes to diet. Of course, the whole 80/20 is the main one that people will tell you and you should listen to it. Make sure you are killing it in the gym but also put your diet first. Even if that means you have to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday putting it all together, planning what you are going to eat and when and actually keeping to it. 

You should also not try and do this alone if you haven’t done it before, there are a ton of people out there (me included) that are very knowledgeable in the field and can just point you in the right direction so we can get you to your goals in a more reasonable and realistic sort of timeframe. Doing it alone means that you will have to do a lot of the work yourself. Sometimes bodies just cannot handle going super hardcore and eating chicken and broccoli for weeks on end. Some people don’t eat meat or certain types of food, or don’t know that certain foods are better than other for certain times of the day. Having someone there to guide you takes all of that stress away.

Lastly on this article. Be organized and that is in general and not just in your diet. This works for both aspects of it. You’ve got to be able to take your day and plan what you are going to do. When are you going to workout? What food do you need to eat before that? After that? Can you squeeze a cheeky meal out with your partner if you count your macros right this week? And so forth, by planning you give yourself so much more freedom as you take away the worry. You won’t have to worry about what you need in the house because you got everyone on Monday every week.

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