October 01, 2019

I’m going to start with a simple quote.

"We cannot simply sit and stare at our wounds forever. We must stand up and move on to the next action."

I stumbled across this the other day whilst sitting at my desk on a now chilly autumn morning, and I really needed to read something on those lines. I’ve read plenty of quotes and even monologues in my time and this one just really stood out in that exact moment. The exact thoughts running through my mind and reading this just interlinked.

We all have wounds and scars, we all have a past that we probably don’t want to speak about, we all made mistakes and maybe we never allowed ourselves to get over it. But you should get over it, the most successful people in the world are not staring at what has already happened, they are moving towards what is going to happen and what can happen if they try again.

On a fitness point of view, I feel that sometimes people let themselves down, I know I could be better and do better and that what I remind myself every to keep myself ahead of the game. Life does get in the way sometimes, and when you are like me and the gym is basically some sort of sanctuary, losing that part of it for a while maybe you have some bigger things going on in life at that current moment, can actually change our mentality.

Here we focused on a nutrient timing approach, with a high volume of food around the workout, training wise we utilised a low volume high frequency approach which I responded so well too! Thank you so much for all the help Charlie!

It’s the same with business, or even just your career. You can have a bad day but you don’t let that continue day in and out or you’d never survive anywhere. You can get hurt but you cannot be hurt for the rest of your life. People can leave but that doesn’t mean you should stop living your life because they simply aren’t in it anymore and anyway as the saying goes. If it is meant to happen then it will happen, so why ponder on it? Just go out there and be the best possible version of yourself and attract those sort of people around you.

Don’t stare at your wounds, don’t make your mistakes priority, move away from it and move forward.

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