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You’ve got to give yourself some purpose in life. The funny thing is that people expect that others are going to give you purpose in life and it isn’t always the case.

If you become a father or mother, that small child you have in your life now is a purpose. Your happiness is a purpose, your effort in your career / relationship / health is a purpose. Sometimes we do things for other people too much and forget what we want to do, because if we did what we wanted to do all the time then we would be called selfish or that we don’t care.

The funny thing is, if people want to expect the best possible version out of you then they have to understand that you need to find and give yourself your own purpose, have your own identity essentially in order to achieve that.

I’m not saying you need to now become some cold-hearted individual, but it is about being open and honest to the people that mean the most to you and more importantly yourself.

With Charlies help I have turned my life around and dropped half of my bodyweight, thank you Charlie for saving my life, David from the UK

If you love the gym, if that is where you get your head space, you can process your thoughts then your world, whoever and whatever may be in it needs to understand that and you have to help them do so.

We forget that people do not have the same minds as we do and we spend countless amounts of time learning and understanding each other. I’m sure if you work in some sort of office environment that you see how people interact differently from one person to the next.

Embrace that you are different, find your purpose and your passion and involve the people that you love into that.

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neeraj. Pandey
neeraj. Pandey

July 18, 2020

Very nice of you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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