February 20, 2019



Keeping yourself motivated sometimes feeling like the hardest thing to do, as a lot of people would much rather curl into a ball and stay in bed. But not you, not in this family. When it comes to workout motivation, we have found that some research shows that setting goals, being able to establish financial incentives and then adding some friendly competition actually increased the likelihood that you will stick to a workout program.

We can also look into mindfulness, which is a practice of shutting out distractions and being able to focus on the present moment. This can be achieved by some simple exercises through meditation, breathing exercises and stretching. Mindfulness has helped people become more aware of their actions and take more control of themselves which leads to making more active decisions in their day to day life, feeling better connected and also allow you to be able to get up and going when the time is right, instead of allowing your brain to convince you that you don’t want to do it.


 I was stuck on my progress, could see some results from when I started alone but not really what I wanted to be. And then I meet Charlie, which I told him my goal, have the best shape that I never had. Charlie understand 100% my busy life at work that also took me a lot of energy during the day. I start with him this amazing journey, planned all the diet and the training sessions! What to say?! He change my life... I’m now totally into this lifestyle, that I love, and I like the results so far...INSANE change !!! He show to me the right way and the method to reach my goal, I learning from him every day something with all his tips!!! He made me passionate in this world...so if you need help in your results Charlie is the right person!!! Thanks Coach!!!! Davide from England


Mindfulness breeds motivation.

We can happily sit down on the coach and watch tv for hours without giving it a second thought. By tapping into your mindful state, you will be able to pull yourself out of those moments when you don’t want to get up and it will help you be more productive in life. You are basically using your own mind to help you become more motivated, not through some inspiration speech on Youtube that keeps you hyped for 5 minutes.

Investing into mindfulness training can help you recognise and then chance an unhealthy behaviour. You can always start by just taking a deep breathe, close your eyes for a moment, focus on your breathing entirely, think about how you are feeling and how it can be useful to you.

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