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Already fallen off the wagon? 

I’m going to give you the best news right off the bat.

You are not the only one and it is not uncommon for this to happen. We are going to go through a list of things that may be the reason you fell of the track, and also how we can get you back on it.


Step one: Forgive yourself.

This is key, because a lot of people fall off the wagon and they speak quite horrendously about themselves.

It is like the common question: would you talk to people like you talk to yourself? And I’m sure I’d hear a resounding NO. We are much more likely to be really harsh on ourselves, instead of being forgiving.

You’ve got to give yourself some credit of trying to change your life and sadly right at the moment you haven’t achieved it. This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever get your dreams and goals, it just means we need to stop pushing ourselves down and keep our heads high.


Step two: Find out where you failed.

  • Dropped from 3,000 calories to 2,000.
  • Hit the gym for 3 hours a day
  • No bad food for a month

Sometimes these goals are not easy to achieve, that massive dip in calories is horrible for the best of people. Hitting the gym for long periods of time when you haven’t done it before is going to hurt like hell.

Listing everything you promised you were going to do and seeing actually how much of a change that is from your regular day to day life could shine some light on where it went wrong. Sometimes we frankly put too much on our plate and then our bodies and minds cannot keep up to it.

“I absolutely love the 12 week shred plan, it’s definitely become a way of life! Both the diet and training work really well for me and if anything’s not quite right Charlie’s there to help and support by offering alternatives! I have a 3 year old daughter and I’m a full time firefighter so I have to be fit and strong, so far the program has surpassed all my expectations!! 💪🏼” Lexi from Liverpool, England

Step three: change something in your plan.

Okay so now, we are going to look at what we can change. Maybe just take 200 calories off for 4 weeks, and then another 200 for the next 4 weeks and so forth until you see the fat gradually come off and also 200 calories is a lot easier than 1,000 in one swift move.

With gym based, try and find things outside of the physical gym. Pick up a sport like football, go for a walk with your other half on a day off. Take the kids to the beach and swim with them. There are so many things you could be doing that is considered exercise instead of sticking yourself onto a machine for 1 hour every single day. Definitely if you haven’t done it before.


Step four: get up, again and again.

Now I haven’t given you some magic potion to success, this is going to take time and it has been researched that the average human being needs to do a task consistently for 30-60 days for it to become a habit and get easier. So you’ve got to be ready to adjust.

There is no negative of falling off every once in a while. You stayed on track for 3 weeks and then caved and ate a chocolate bar? That is okay! Just adjust and get back on the horse again. Maybe do an extra little bit of cardio to make up for it. Adjust instead of giving up.

Step five: extra notes.

 Little tips can be like the following:

  • Track your workouts
  • Track how you are feeling
  • Write down 3 positives things every single morning when you wake up
  • Reward yourself with smaller goals
  • Track how you look to yourself instead of looking at the weigh scales all the time.


If you want help getting back on the wagon please feel free to message below or reach out to me at cjcoaching@icloud.com



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Ahmad Alhajri
Ahmad Alhajri

May 12, 2019

I have been trying to constantly not eat anything for a whole day to lose weight “my current weight is 83.7” only drink water or one fruit and then next I suddenly eat two large pizza. I really need your advice about this

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