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So, a lot of people think that when it comes to cardio that it matters what time of the day that you do it. But just like your weight sessions, it doesn’t matter if you are to do it first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, or even all the time that is in-between.


Now some people may try and call me out and say that I am wrong but really the only thing that I have heard, is that working out fasted in the morning means more than doing it after a weight session, or maybe during the day. I can understand where people have got this from because obviously if you are to train fasted you feel as though you are hitting other sources that food you just ate to fuel your body.


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 But on a day to day schedule it really doesn’t matter, what matters is calories in and calories out. The rest does not matter at all, so if you are to burn 500 calories fasted first thing in the morning or 500 calories last thing at night, as long as your calories are balanced it will not make a difference.


This is because your body is working on the 24 hours in front of it, so day by day if your calories are on point and you’re working hard towards a goal, that will work out in the long run.


Forcing yourself to do extra early super fasted cardio is not going to be the only reason you get leaner. Some people prefer to do it, I like going for a walk in the morning before I eat because it clears my head, I get the cardio in for the day and I can plan what else needs doing. It is more therapy for me than the actual cardio side of it.


So find out what works for you and work with that, if you prefer to do it after work then do that, as long as it is being done and you can keeping a close eye on your calories to ensure weight loss goals are achieved.


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