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August 27, 2019

🤓So having a crazy schedule is often an excuse a lot of people make as to why they can’t achieve their goals. Personally travelling every other week, I have become very experienced in the best TACTICS to manage your nutrition and training when on the go. Here is my TOP TIP for Training and NUTRITION!
When travelling the issue is getting enough protein into your diet that is low fat and not processed or cooked in oils, this is where supplements have a HUGE place in my regime. I personally take my Whey Isolate Chocolate Honeycomb♥ Flavour Protein from @musclenation with me everywhere. I just fill a zip lock bag with protein and take it with me wherever I go instead of taking the whole tub, this means you can use the Protein to supplement between the 3 main meals of the day or add to your meal such as at breakfast when its hard to get just a pure protein source without fats. For example, in case for todays breakfast I had 3 whole eggs which is around 18g of Pro and 1 large scoop of whey which is 30g Pro to get my Protein intake up to around 50g of protein for my breakfast meal! If I had tried to get this solely from eggs my fat and calorie intake would have been WAY too high! 😩
When traveling your schedule can be all over the place, different time zones and a weird environment like different beds, foods etc. When away I will switch my training into an Upper/Lower split, which allows a decent amount of training frequency and allows me to move training around more as needed so that I’m not training on flying days or not hitting a muscle frequently enough. When swapping to an Upper/Lower split and travelling I will avoid heavy max lifts and focus more on time under tension training whilst not overloading my lower back✅
📈If you implement this top tip to help you stay in shape when on the go I promise you’ll get stress free gains whilst staying lean and injury free!



"With Charlies help i managed to get in the best shape possible for my holiday, i train early in the morning fasted which i have previously struggled with, Charlie managed to setup the diet and training beautifully so i didn't feel any fatigue and got some awesome results! Tom from the UK"

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