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The internet is filled with all of these ‘quick weight loss pills/shakes’ who promise that they will just melt away all unwanted fat without you having to do much in the process.

Sounds like the ideal thing right? 100% completely wrong, these companies are mainly scams and have taken simple products and made sprinkled some ‘magic’ on it, marketed it by paying people to promote something they probably don’t believe in or use themselves and there you have it. The average human who doesn’t know any better buys a product that has nothing good linked too it.

We believe in this because we really want it to be true but it simply is not. Those pills are not going to make you thinner, they aren’t going to get rid of your love handles or give you a body like a god. These products work on the placebo effect, because you basically starve yourself and then you are amazed that so much weight has been lost in the first week or two. Of course it will because you’ve just changed your entire eating habits, if you used to eat 2 pastries a day and now you have 2 pills in the morning and a shake, then of course that is going to have an effect.


Amazing guidance and support! Even though I’m an active person I’ve always had that skinny - fat body. In 12 weeks we managed to have 7-8cms drop in waist, drop 2kg and gain some muscle. I feel stronger, eat way healthier and have learned a lot about fitness in general. The app is great, has videos, instructions, tips and relevant information about the different exercise, really love it. We have a weekly check-in where we go through the progress and Charlie makes any adjustments to the diet and training as needed. Super recommended if you are committed to making a change. Awesome program, app and coach, flexible diet, and great support. - Julian Patino from the USA


If these products were to be true and are made from ‘real’ substances and foodstuff then don’t you think we would have already found these qualities in certain food types in the last hundred years? There is just not enough factual evidence to go with these products. Having models promoting their product who have a personal trainer, nutritionist and don’t even take the product themselves is hardly a representation that it works.

Hard work, time, dedication and a good diet is what is going to get you a better body. Losing a chunk of weight in such a small period of time is not good for you, and then when you finally start eating normally again you will gain that weight straight back on.

Now if you want help starting your journey and being efficient with your hard work get in touch below to find out how I can get you life-changing results in record time without any of the FAT BURNER BS!

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Simranjeet singh
Simranjeet singh

June 11, 2020

Weight loss

Vincent Heiss
Vincent Heiss

September 26, 2019

I’m looking to burn fat fast as I can and need tips on dieting and workouts to do so

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