May 18, 2019

I would highly recommend this program (12 week shred), and Charlie specifically as a coach, to anyone looking to lean FAST but also follow a regimented diet program to help educate you on what foods you should be eating throughout the day, but also the times at which you should be having meals around your workout schedule. I can honestly say that during the 12 week program I saw amazing results, and truly started to see a difference in body definition around the 5 week mark. I started this program off fairly "lean", however Charlie continued to push me and I was able to get extremely lean while maintaining muscle mass. I'm now moving onto a bulk program with Charlie because I was so satisfied with the results, so I have committed to another 12 weeks to help put on healthy weight. I can't thank Charlie enough for the personalized work out routines, personalized diet and shopping list, and continuing to keep me motivated each week. It's been true life changer for me and I cannot be more thrilled with how my body looks, and more importantly, how I feel every day. Thank you Charlie!!!

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