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May 15, 2019 2 Comments



Breakfast is known to be a vital meal of the day, but people have been saying over the years that it is now the most important meal of the day. You may agree or disagree, but researchers have said that breakfast is linked to boosting metabolism and also helping people lose weight over a period of time.


Now, not all people agree with this. Some people actually think the complete opposite. Having an early meal like breakfast does in fact wake up your metabolism but that can lead to you over eating during the course of the day. So, people sometimes will steer away from eating first thing so they don’t go over their macros, some people will base their meals around what they are doing in the day.


So, if you were to train first thing in the morning, some people (definitely ones trying to lose weight) will continue to fast when they wake up until after their gym session. Which in turn is allowing them to boost their metabolism and then use the after burn of a session to use the calories they eat.


Also, what you are eating for breakfast can make a significant difference in general, if you are to eat a large portion of sugary high carb cereals first thing then that will probably not help you towards your goals. As some of the cereals that are being sold in stores now can have up to 40% of their weight being purely sugar.


A lot of fitness influencers and personal trainers will probably change out your breakfast options, cereal may be in there somewhere but more likely to be after a hard training session than first thing in the morning. They would probably opt for you to have oatmeal, or eggs or a protein shake instead to wake up your body in the morning.

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So is it the most important meal of the day?


Well that is completely up to your own opinion, if you cannot stand going to work in the morning without something in your stomach then obviously it is a very important meal to you. Though, if it is harming your weight loss then you may want to look at different alternatives. If you prefer to train before eating, or simply just want to have larger meals later on in the day then that is fine too.


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