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Throughout the years I was a personal trainer, and now being an online coach people have asked me this simple question:


Does online coaching / training actually work?


I can fully understand where people are coming from considering we are all aware of the scams that circulate the internet and it is far too easy for people to be able to ‘fake’ their way to the top and come across like they do know a lot.


"With Charlies help I achieved an awesome body recomp reducing my body fat significantly and also adding a decent amount of LEAN tissue! 
Charlies programming was designed specifically for my physique and helped fill out my weaker body parts in a short period of time"



When in actual fact they are more likely to have just taken something off the internet, twisted it, put their name on it and sold it. Leading to you buying it, when you buy it there is no support. You’ve just got a 12 week program, that is probably poorly written and the guy/girl you’ve just bought it off has disappeared off the face of the earth, got your money (which honestly is all they care about) and they are off selling to the next person.


That is a sad truth, but that is not true with all online coaching.


Online coaching does work if you find the right person. They are incredible when used properly and the person behind it actually knows what they are doing, they are educated, and they actually care about you and your personal goals.


My main suggestion to you is to look for the right person for you. So, invest time into looking into reviews that have been done on that particular person.


Let’s take me for an example.


I’ve been in the industry since I was a young teenager, I’ve attained hundreds of seminars to further my education. My clients are able to speak to me at all times of the day and I have thousands of clients who have joined my coaching program and the reviews speak for themselves.


More positives to working with an online trainer is that it is usually cheaper than hiring the person to physically be there in front of you, and if you find the right one you will still have as much support from them, they just won’t be there physically, but hopefully mentally and emotionally they will support you.


Online coaching and training do work but I do suggest you research the person you want to work with. Even speak to them, if they cannot be bothered to spend five minutes talking to you then they aren’t going to want to answer your questions when you start working with them.

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Charles Bailey
Charles Bailey

October 23, 2019

Which plan should I use of yours! I workout 6 days a week! Rotating upper and lower. I have more bloating in abdomen. I eat clean, push water! But bloat more 🤷🏽‍♂️ help please. A lot of programs don’t give good results. Saw you online

IG: @CharlesRayshon

You replied in my DM told me to fill out information! Thank you….means a lot to this Army Veteran

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