Charlies 12 Month Mastery Program

It doesn’t matter what your goals are! I offer one-on-one strength, bodybuilding, powerlifting, fat-loss, health and fitness coaching for everyone.

As someone who has DONE IT ALL, I am ready to help you develop the tools to be successful in whatever your goals are and change your life for good!

It doesn't matter what your fitness background is or whether you're a man, woman, circle, or square!

It doesn't even matter what diet you follow. I coach people with all kinds of allergies, vegans, and all kinds of lifestyles. 

I even coach people through Ramadan (click to watch my video on that on YouTube).

Regardless of who you are and what your goals are, I am here to help you be successful. I treat all of my clients the same regardless of whether they are Grandma Josephine or a Super Bowl Winner or someone who wants to hulk up or someone who is morbidly obese.

What's included in all coaching plans?

  • YOU ARE PAYING FOR MY TIME!!! I am your coach and I will be your system of accountability throughout your entire athletic journey whether that is weight-loss, muscle gain, strength building, or WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO. We will communicate via text/email/phone call [my response time is typically within 24 hours because I need to sleep and have a life].
  • That's right - I, Charlie, WILL ACTUALLY BE YOUR COACH!! You will have access to book in calls with me throughout the program to discuss your progress as and when's required to help you
  • An initial plan based on a deep review of your questionnaire with your health, athletic, and diet history
  • Regular check-ins with my feedback and commentary including personal whatsapp support
  • Adjustments to your plans as needed based on your progress and satisfaction
  • Answers to all of your questions
  • Access to my Educational video calls twice a week


What's included in Diet Coaching?

  • A completely personalized and sustainable diet plan with meal times designed to meet the needs of YOUR work and training schedule
  • A meal plan completely tailored to YOUR physique, fitness, and weight loss/maingain/hulking goals
  • Meals featuring what YOU LIKE TO EAT as well as what you CAN eat based on allergies.
  • Adjustments to the meal plan based on how you are progressing, how your schedule changes or what foods you have access to or what you like or don't like
  • Meals that DO NOT include what you DON'T like to eat. I won't tell you to eat chicken and broccoli unless you say that you LOVE chicken and broccoli!!
  • Built-in flexibility and sustainability! Remember: the diet plan you DO FOR LIFE is the diet plan that get you the physique you want FOR LIFE!
  • Plans for cheat meals and snacks because it's important that you ENJOY your diet and can follow the plan while LIVING YOUR LIFE
  • Delicious meals fit for your meal plan with my complete set of diet-friendly recipes
  • All 6 Copies of the CJ Coaching Cook Book - a £99 value!


What's included in Training Coaching?

  • A completely personalized and sustainable training plan designed to meet the needs of YOUR lifestyle, goals, and experience level
  • Exercises selected for YOU based on your athletic history, injury history, physique weaknesses, equipment availability, and, most importantly, what YOU LIKE TO DO
  • Adjustments to the training plan based on how you are progressing, how your schedule changes, etc.
  • Feedback on technique where requested
  • Instructions for sets and reps and how to train HARDER THAN LAST TIME
  • Instructions for advanced training techniques such as partials reps, pauses, and down sets as appropriate based on experience level
  • Full use of my Custom CJ Coaching App which has videos of every exercise
  • Built-in flexibility so that you don't get BORED and can change it up over time


What's included in Supplements Coaching?

  • A completely personalized supplements plan designed to meet the needs of YOUR lifestyle and goals, regardless of whether or not you currently take supplements
  • Plan takes into account your supplements history as well as health status and goals
  • Plan takes into account your supplements access
  • Adjustments to the plan based on your progress and goals


Additional Pricing Info

  • All prices are in British Pounds.
  • There are NO CONTRACTS and there are NO REFUNDS.


Couples Add-On

I also offer a “Couples Add-On”. This option allows you to add a partner to your plan at a discount of 50% off the lower cost plan. This is a popular option because you are most likely to succeed on a diet/training plan when your partner is with you along the way. Send an email to me at if you want to include a partner.