December 07, 2018

Well I first contacted Charlie back in June and just explained that I’ve been going to the gym for quite a few years now but never stuck to any structure of any kind. I wanted to change the way I was training and eating as i clearly wasn’t changing from from year to year. I was in my gym then got talking to Charlie and then found out he’s some crazy ass PT/ nutritionist. 
So I had a look through his Instagram and see the results people have been getting with him and thought 100% I’m starting one of his programs. 
I’ve done online programs with people before but lost interest as food would stay the same and the interaction wasn’t very good. 
Charlie’s program is perfect, it works perfectly around my work and checking in on the app every Friday and seeing my own progress is ideal. 
In 12 weeks Charlie got me to the best shape of my life. Can’t believe I could see my abs the first time in 36 years haha. 
Any problems I have I contact Charlie and he responds to me ASAP and always feels me with reassurance which helps tremendously. 
I’m now doing a second course with Charlie (lean bulk) to see how he can change my body even more. 
I highly recommend Charlie he’s a great coach/friend and a genuinely nice guy. 
The results he’s throwing up on his insta every day of people show you he knows what he’s talking about

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