May 29, 2019


“It’s been great working with Charlie who has given not only great support on my fitness goals but has provided the first sustainable food and workout plan that I have now been doing for 8 months. I have been too heavy for about ten years and have tried lots of diets and fitness plans but most of them were fads which were difficult to stick too. Charlie has put some science behind the food and quantities that eat, where I still get to eat food I like and where I also never feel hungry


Coco pops after working out is ace! I started at 107kg and am now down to 83kg. My trouser waist size has gone down from 38 to 30 so great progress so far, still some way to go but not been in this shape since I was 18. The gym routines are tough but good fun and Charlie’s videos provide guidance on good form. I have recommended Charlie to a number of friends who have also worked with him with similar results. I’ve had to put some work in but with Charlie’s support works much better for me than anything I have tried before. Big thanks to Charlie, I spent a lot of time doing research before deciding to go with Charlie but I can highly recommend.”

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