January 19, 2020

Training plateaus and not seeing the results you want can be a difficult phase that everyone goes through. But this frustrating phase is actually completely avoidable. 
Here are five ways to switch it up during your workouts to give both your brain and body a little bit of a new challenge.
1. Increase the Intensity 
The usual program normally consists of one - three sets of eight-twelve reps for strength training. However, if that is getting boring or too easy mix it up! Change the weight up and go for more reps.
2. Try A New Workout Class or Activity
Signing up for a new workout class or activity can be a great way to snap out of a fitness rut.
Instructors and trainers will aim to push your body to the next level and won’t let you just ‘go through the motions’ in your workout. Plus, being in a class with other people might raise a little healthy competition and increase your effort and output more so than if you were training solo.
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3. Slow Down
When it comes to fitness, you might be stuck in a go-go-go mentality. But slowing down could be the major key you need to continue seeing progress in your results.
This could mean taking more rest days, switching up the days you train certain body parts, or even stopping the HIIT circuits and starting up with heavier weights. Whatever change you decide to implement your body will appreciate the change.
4. Ditch The Treadmill (Or Hop On It)
If you're a through and through cardio junkie, it's time to briefly break up with the treadmill. A little more strength training will do wonders for that nightmare plateau.
But, the same goes for those of you who avoid cardio like the plague. Including one or two days of heart-healthy activity might be just what you need to get your comfortably adapted body back into working effectively toward your goals.
5. Target Different Body Parts
If your body gets too comfortable in your routine and starts to plateau it’s time to push outside your comfort zone and try something you’re not used to.
This usually means training muscle groups that you absolutely hate and therefore always neglect. When you train one thing too often, it could cause an imbalance in other muscle groups and this often results in injury. So do yourself a favour, change your usual comfort zone routine and beat that plateau 

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