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It is essential you start bulking from a LEAN position, ideally sub 10% body fat, your body will grow sooo much faster once it has been in a deficit a while for various reasons.
When your lean and have come out of a diet phase your insulin sensitivity will be better and hormonally your body functions better overall from a leaner position.
When growing its inevitable you will have to add some body fat, this is because you have to be in a calorie surplus to build muscle! And when you're in a calorie surplus you will store some fat, due to this you need to start lean so you can sustain a lean bulk period to build any real muscle mass without getting fat!
If you’re not very lean now, spend 4 weeks shredding fat, priming to grow for your bulking phase.


So you’re eating more calories than your burning, and your strength is not increasing? This is the recipe for gaining body fat! When aiming to build muscle mass you have to progressively increase your strength levels as you increase your body weight, this is the key to building muscle. Make sure your pushing every session to the max and pushing the weight in the gym, not just on the scales!



Do you want muscle? Not fat right? So don’t CHASE the scales, I see too many people fixated on hitting a bodyweight goal, I have been there and done that, it wasn’t pretty, I got up to 108kg 4 years ago and I was a mess!
Focus on your strength and visual improvements to ensure you’re going in the right direction, I would also suggest monitoring your waist circumference around the belly button as this indicative of fat gains, not muscle.


Using a scientific carb cycling plan is an effective way of building muscle while minimising fat gain. If you play around and find what works best with your genetics – you might even add muscle while losing body fat. The basic premise is to eat a calorie surplus with high carbs on training days, rotated with maintenance/smaller surplus on rest days, with a lower carb and higher fat intake; this rotation also helps to optimise hormonal synthesis, since both carbs and fat promote testosterone production. Personally, for myself and clients I would advocate zero carbs on rest days and really push the carbs Pre, INTRA and Post workout.



Alongside carb cycling, consuming the vast quantity of your carbohydrates WITHIN 2 HOURS AFTER WEIGHT TRAINING will maximise intra-muscle uptake and support optimal anabolic response and recovery.


Personally, for clients, I prefer whole food choices around the workout period with a high-quality intra-workout cocktail of Cyclic Dextrin, Essential amino acids, and Creatine. With the big carb meals around the workout, I would highly advise using a GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent) the main active ingredient is Berberine which helps push nutrients into the muscle cells, not into the fat cells! I hope the 5 KEY POINTS TO LEAN BULKING above help on your journey, this is a real juggling act and I would highly suggest consistently monitoring your bodyfat levels as you grow! For a great program to LEAN BULK checkout my Reverse Diet Lean Muscle Guide which has specifically been designed to LEAN BULK!


If you have any further questions please feel free to email me at cjcoaching@icloud.com or to check out my coaching services hit this link  -https://www.charliejohnsonfitness.com/coaching

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