December 19, 2019

Your exercise, eating habits and products we use can all have an effect on your skin health. When we hit the gym hard and really work up a sweat our skin can start to suffer, so we made it our mission to find out how to maintain a good complexion while keeping fit.

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, yet it is often neglected when we exercise. Throw in the combination of the weather, humidity and air pollution, and taking care of your skin in between work and working out becomes quite a challenge.


Preventative Skincare

According to specialist dermatologists the single most important product that everyone should be using is sunscreen in summer and a moisturiser with UV protection daily. Summer is not the only time our skin can be damaged; the sun ’s ultraviolet rays, particularly the UV rays, can penetrate through windows causing hyperpigmentation or skin damage through long-term exposure. Even in winter the suns UV rays can still burn you if you’re exercising outside so if that applies to you and you do outdoor exercise and activities consider using UV protection creams regularly. This is particularly important during this dreary winter weather as we can also suffer wind burn and chaps as the weather gets rougher. Keeping our skin clear and glowing when we’re active is ensured by preventing initial damage and wear.


Post Workout Care

After your workout taking a cold shower to stimulate muscle recovery and to close up the pores that have opened during exercise can be a great way to prevent breakouts. Cleansing and closing your pores after exercise means that you won’t leave any sweat or dirt on our skin to get trapped in our pores. After deep cleansing it is good to regularly rehydrate your skin by using hydrating masks. This will prevent your skin drying out from too much exfoliating or excess sweating. Masks may also add an extra healthy glow to your skin and can have the added relaxing benefits of having some you time doing something luxurious for your well being.



In an ideal world, no one would wear make-up when they work out. When we are hot, we sweat and our pores enlarge to cool down. This is when our skin needs to breathe. If you wear make-up, there is a chance that the products you use will block your pores. Cosmetics combined with sweat can also lead to skin irritation and breakouts. However we don’t always live in an ideal world and lots of people may be going to the gym after work or during their lunch break and thus will be wearing the days make up. In anticipation of this, consider putting a bottle of micellar water and cotton pads in your gym bag. Micellar water is a gentle make-up remover for freshening up before and after working out.


Truly good skin comes from within, so what you do for it on the surface should be matched by what you eat and drink.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is good for overall health with vitamins C and E in particular being great for skin health.

Including foods rich in vitamin B7, such as organic eggs, into your diet can also help your skin and hair be as healthy as possible.
Drinking plenty of water is essential, especially if you are working up a sweat. It is also v very good for your skin to drink fresh lemon juice in warm water every morning. This can help boost your metabolism as well as your skin, and for an added health benefit you could also add a small spoonful of Manuka honey. This can not only improve the flavour if you’re fussy but also be good for your immune system. Dermatologists also recommend eliminating, or at least reducing, alcohol consumption to boost skin and overall health.


Dermatologists also agree that health starts from within – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Taking good care of yourself by being kind to yourself, resting properly and getting enough sleep while also being properly nourished will reflect in your body and the quality of your skin.

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