October 07, 2019

I’ve seen on Instagram recently a lot of people who have very good physiques bit they seem to be seen every three minutes with some sort of junk food in their hands. So, I know it must have got a few of you wondering how they were able to do that, how can you eat terrible food and still look great, or even better you can lose weight whilst still eating junk food.


Let me tell you some small facts about this. First let’s get out of the way that they may have a metabolism through the roof and also great genetics. That does help people like this, people who already look insane are even ‘luckier’ because their bodies take a lot more to work in general so even on a rest day, they will burn more calories than they average person because of their muscle to fat percentage.


You can actually lose weight by eating junk food, but before you run off to grab a McDonalds on the way home from work let me give you a few pointers on why I do not recommend it. It is not healthy to do it at all, definitely if you are trying to lose weight and do not already look like a Greek god off the internet.

"It is like looking at two different people! Insane results!."



The main thing that I try and teach people is the fundamentals of weight loss, so you need to be burning more than you consume. So, you can lose weight with junk food, as long as it is less than what you burn throughout the day. So, you may be able to have that pizza, but it is going to be the only food you consume that day and also the macros are all off, so you are not actually fuelling your body the way you need too.


And that ladies and gentlemen is what we need to remember, though I may have made it look like all you dreams have come true and you can eat whatever you like. We have to ensure that our bodies are fuelled with the right food sources in order to lose weight and it is the same when you want to gain weight. Just swapping out chicken stir fry for Chinese is not going to make you gain lots of muscle, it will just convert back to what is easiest which is fat.


So, before you start looking at all these models on the internet chomping down on take away every evening, they probably don’t eat as much as it looks and work hours upon hours a day to keep the shape that they have.


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Have an amazing day everyone


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