April 15, 2019

7 mistakes made in the supermarket.

We all know that feeling when we have just popped into the supermarket to grab a couple of things and end up walking out with a whopping great bill and more snacks than anyone should be eating. Here are some of the reasons why you are making these very common mistakes:


  1. You forgot to eat lunch

You should never go and try and do a food shop on an empty stomach, it always makes you grab out and take things that you really don’t need. Which usually leads to you buying a lot more than you wanted too and because you are hungry you’ve gone home and ate more than you should with all that fresh food in the house.


  1. You’re unprepared

Having a list of the food that you need is critical to stop buying stuff you don’t need. Walking in there without one is like walking into a test without studying, it usually doesn’t end that well. Even if you know you are bad at remembering the list, just as much as making sure you pick up your carrier bags, then snap a quick photo of it on your phone so you have it to hand.


  1. Starting on isle #3

What we mean by this is usually supermarkets are set out a particular way, so you seem to go to certain areas first. So, you want to do your shopping in and order, get all the fresh products first like your fruit and veg, then move onto canned goods, snacks and then finish on desserts and treats. It is how you should have your plate also, nutrition first and then a little treat.


  1. Stocking up on the wrong things

I'm looking at you, "lower-calorie," "reduced fat," and 100-calorie packs. Let me explain: Those tiny packs are often unsatisfying empty calories, so you're more likely to blow through a couple at once. If you're looking for a snack that will give you a real energy boost, go for protein and fibre combos, like fruit with peanut butter or cheese with whole-grain crackers. 



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  1. Skipping the freezer isle

A big no-no, the freezer isle is amazing for all sorts of things. You can buy fresh frozen vegetables that you can pull out whenever you are running short on time and have done within a few minutes in the microwave. Same goes with fruit, if you are one that loves a good smoothie, then you don’t need to spend a fortune on fruit all the time, you can buy packs of frozen fruit, bang it all in a blender with some water/milk/juice and a dash of protein and off you go.


  1. Sales

You are not the only one, so many people get dragged into sales. They think they are saving a boat load of money which they are sometimes, but that is not always the case. They are on sale for a reason most of the time and you are buying it for the reason that it is on sale. You still don’t need it, so put it down.


  1. Impulse purchases

You’ve gone all the way round, you remember your carrier bags and shopping list and you’ve gotten to the till and seen a mars bar you been trying to avoid the whole way around. Now if you have not made any of the mistakes listed above and kept everything within limits and also you have the flexibility in your diet for a treat. Then treat yourself. If not, then sorry my friend but move away.


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