12 Week Shred / Lean Bulk

Ready To Get In Fitness-Model Shape In 12 Weeks?

Finally! All The Tools You Need For Jaw-Dropping Fat Loss In A Fully Personalised, App-Based Diet & Training Plan

Quick question. Have you ever added up all the hours you've spent on training, cardio, and healthy eating? What about the extra time strategising your next fat loss plan?

But you've never quite achieved the physique you dream of.

Frustrating, isn't it? All that time and hard work, but you still don't look the way you really want to. And it's starting to get you down.

Listen, it's not your fault. There are so many details that can do wrong when you want to dial in your physique. Newbie gains are easy. Getting lean but muscular is a whole other level!

Even the most clued-up guys can only take it to about 90%. Then they fall off the wagon, lose motivation, or simply don't know how to adapt diet and training for that final 10%.

I can teach you how to take it to 100%.

Just 12 Weeks To Get The Transformation-Style Results You've Been Dreaming About

I've seen too many hard-working guys and girls give up before they reach their goal. That's why I developed this 12-Week Shred Programme. Get started today and you'll be one step closer to your dream physique. This isn't generic fat loss advice. It's 1-2-1 coaching, delivered via an app, at an unbeatable price. Fat loss made as easy as it can be.

A Note From Charlie

To look at me now, you'd never think I had struggled with my weight or with body confidence. But I have! In my teens, I was suddenly unable to train. I put on weight - fast. It was a miserable time.

As a sporty young kid, I thought I knew what I'd look like as a young man. All of a sudden, I wasn't so sure. I so badly wanted to look athletic, strong, and lean. I had to find a way to get my physique back and regain my confidence. That's when I discovered the gym… and everything changed.

I got a lot of things wrong in the early days! But through study and qualifications, plus a ton of time training with expert physique athletes, I found the blueprint for putting on muscle and stripping body fat - whilst staying happy, healthy, and motivated.

And that's what you get with this 12-week programme. It's the best of everything I learned, in a personalised package with coaching support.

I know what it's like to feel unhappy, frustrated, and fed up. It's no fun living in a body that doesn't match your vision. You don't have to put up with it. You can make massive changes. Get the right advice, expert coaching, and lots of support.

Talk to you soon, Charlie

12 Weeks Of Personalised Diet & Training Plans, Feedback, And Support - To Your Phone

Want to know the difference between you and the guys who win physique transformation competitions?

Knowledge. It's the only thing holding you back from feeling the immense pride and confidence of showcasing your own fat loss results. 12-Week Shred gives you my best muscle gain and fat loss information with personalised plans, video guides, exercise techniques, recipes, grocery lists, and coach feedback - all delivered to your phone via my app.

Get started today and unlock expert physique information that will change the way you look at fat loss. You'll never have to start from scratch again.

Expert Physique Transformation Coaching Backed By Real-Life Results With structured nutrition, science-backed training, and personalised coaching support, anything is possible in 12 weeks.

Join the men and women all over the world who have already been through this app-based personalised 12-Week Shred plan.

Changed My Life! "Before 12-Week Shred, I was stuck! I could see some results but I wasn't really where I wanted to be. After working with Charlie, I am in the best shape ever. Charlie understood my busy life, and planned all the diet and training sessions on this amazing journey! What can I say - he change my life. Insane change! Charlie showed me the right way and methods to reach my goal, I learning something from him every day. If you need help with results, Charlie is the right person!" Tom, England

I Lost 12kg In 12 Weeks "Charlie is a great coach. This was my first time trying online coaching and it works. In the 12 weeks, I lost 12kg fat and gained muscle mass, and I'm still progressing constantly. Zero stress, just results!" Tareeq, Jordan

Got Abs For The First Time! "Brilliant coaching. Charlie helped get me a 1st place at my bodybuilding show, and I got abs for the first time in my life. Charlie taught me how to get away from perma-bulking. My knowledge -and results - have increased my confidence to whole new level." Ben, UK

The Science Of 12 Weeks

12 weeks is the ideal amount of time for fat loss and muscle gain. It gives you enough time to absorb new information, and ingrain new habits. Your body will respond to the training, and you'l have enough time to make meaningful changes without rushing.

Think what you could achieve in 12 weeks!
Want to SEE what's included? Checkout the video below!

Here's Exactly What You Get With Your 12-Week Shred Programme

#1 Personalised fat loss diet plan using calories and macros

#2 You check in via the app, and I upload personalised feedback

#3 I'll design a training and cardio plan for you and upload it to the app

#4 If we need to adjust your diet or training, I'll upload it to your app

#5 No gym? No problem. Your training plan will be tailored to you.

#6 The app has videos of every exercise plus expert tips on form and tempo

#7 The app also includes grocery lists to match your weekly custom meal plans

#8 It's easy to log workouts, measurements, and progress photos

#9 No need for a separate food log - record your food in the app (it has over 600,000 foods!)

#10 Feedback, direct messaging, and all questions answered. 


12-Week Shred is all done via an app, but I'm here too! Your diet and training is 100% personalised to you. I send feedback after check-ins. And you can contact me throughout the process.

Is 12-Week Shred Right For Me?

This is my flagship digital diet and training programme. I've made it as simple as possible for you to access what works.

>> Shed body fat to look lean, tight, and muscular
>> Add muscle mass, even to stubborn body parts
>> Learn new training techniques to bust through plateaus
>> Dial in your form to train like the experts
>> Understand how to work with calories and macros
>> Find the best cardio strategy for fat loss
>> Get educated on meal planning & grocery shopping

Am I ready to start 12-Week Shred? This 12 week plan will help you drop incredible amounts of body fat and pack on lean muscle. Results will depend on your start point. But everyone can make massive changes. I will design your plan around your start point and your desired end goal.

Why will this be different to anything I've tried before? If something hasn't worked before, it's because the plan wasn't right - or you didn't have the support of a good coach. With this plan you get the very best, science-backed advice, personalised plans, and ongoing support from a coach who really cares.

Is 12-Week Shred suitable for women? Yes, this plan will work for men or women. It's 100% personalised. Get started by filling in the intake form. That will give me all the information I need to design your successful plan.

I travel a lot/I'm not a member of a gym/I find it hard to get to the gym… That's fine, I will design a training plan that uses home workouts or outdoor training. You don't need access to a gym, or weights, or any specific equipment.

I'm a vegetarian/vegan, can I do this plan? Yes. I personalise the diet (and training) part of the plan for everybody on an individual basis. Any dietary preferences will be respected and taken into account.

Can I access my plan on a desktop computer? This plan has been designed to work through my app, but you can access all the information via a computer too. I recommend you use the app for convenience, especially for the food lists and exercise video guides.

Unbeatable Value 12-Week Personalised Plan

This way, you can work with me for three months for only £1200 which is around $1500

Yes, that's £1200 which is $1500 TOTAL for the 12 weeks.

How Do I Get Started?

What Happens Next:
- you'll received a questionnaire via email - email it back to me at charlie@charliejohnsonfitness.com - you'll get a link to download the app - log in to the app to discover your diet and training plans - plus! explore the app to find meal plans, food lists, video guidance, exercise descriptions and more

You will then be allocated your CJ Coaching Coach from my team!