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Monthly Coaching

Are you someone who wants to get in the BEST shape of their life?

Do you want to TURN heads with your physique?

Have you tried different programs and nothing seems to work? 

Are you a 100% committed and just want the programs thats going to work for you? 

If that’s you, then let me introduce you to some of the AMAZING clients from around the world I have worked with

Alex from England

"I adhered to Charlies methods to perfection, my goal was to get super lean for my summer holiday which I achieved, I have learnt how my body responds to foods and also the importance of nutrient timing. I am looking onwards and upwards with Charlies guidance to try to keep pushing and improving my physique, I cant thank him enough for the positive influence he has had on my life."


Nigel grom Gibraltar

"Charlie put together the most perfect program, which has allowed to shred a bucket load of body fat and build a fit and strong lean physique! My body composition is the best it has ever been and we are still going! Charlie has an incredible work ethic and is a great motivator! There were times when I thought I can't do this or balance this lifestyle with a hectic working schedule and I saw my motivation waning! Charlie was there every step of the way and made sure I stayed not just on track, but that I excelled! Another positive trait is that Charlie has always been very honest with me, and for this I am truly thankful. In truth, I am extremely thankful and grateful for what Charlie has done for me! My confidence has never been higher and it has had a massively positive effect on my personal and professional life! Charlie is helping me embark on journey to be a fitter and better version of myself! Take it from me, just an average working guy, no special ingredients or genetics, yet the changes have been phenomenal! Honestly I cant recommend this gentleman enough! If you are willing to put the work in and want a positive change, then theres really only one question left.... What are you waiting for?"

This includes a FULL custom diet and training plan plus the additional ongoing support and use of the CJ COACHING APP.


The program includes:

  • FULL use of the CUSTOM CJ Coaching phone and desktop application which will contain your entire custom program
  • Videos on every exercise and tips on how to perform them
  • Shopping lists of foods for the week custom to YOU!
  • A system to log your progress in terms of workouts, measurements and progress photos
  • The App also includes the ability to log your food with a full macro listing and over 600,000 foods available on the system
  • Every other week you will complete the check-in process and send it back to me via the CJ COACHING system. The check-in will require a weekly progress photo, updating your waist measurement and answers to specific questions on how your week has progressed. This ensures accountability on your behalf and allows me to monitor your progress. I will make adjustments weekly as required to ensure you achieve your goal by the end of the program.
  • Support directly from my team via my client app system which is based on your mobile or via email.

Once you have purchased the program you will be sent my questionnaire to complete, you then need to email it back to me at charlie@charliejohnsonfitness.com

You will then be allocated your CJ Coaching Coach