December 03, 2018

I Started my journey with Charlie back in June when I started my 12 week cut. I was a bit dubious in paying a coach to provide my training and nutrition due to there being so many useless coach's, but not Charlie. He has given me a Great program and a great versatile nutritional diet, which to some people would seem boring, but not me. Charlie has always supported me 110% and believed in me from day 1. As results were proven in the 12 week cutting phase, I moved onto phase 2 in the middle of October. Again, Charlie has made the most perfect plan providing me with the nutrition to fuel my training and to push me further along my journey to reach my goals. He has proven to me that consistency is the key and when you feel like giving up, just look at. where you started. I. put my faith in Charlie everyday and the plan is guaranteed to work as long as. you stick to it. Again. thanks agin bud, let the bulk continue

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