April 08, 2019

I have trained for 10 years and have never been satisfied with the results which I found very frustrating. I tried various methods of training from reading glossy mags and listening to other people.

I have been working with Charlie for the past 6 months, and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience.

Charlie is extremely encouraging and pushes me to achieve the goals we have set. The workouts and bespoke meal plans that are designed for you only are always different and I look forward to each workout session.

Charlie is very personable and a well rounded person and trainer. He takes into account and respects your personal lifestyle, and designs a plan that fits for you.

He has helped me tone and strengthen my body so I will be able to compete to the best of my ability and make me feel more energized and confident. I have learnt 200% more (both nutrition and training wise) in 6 months with Charlie than what I learnt in the past 10 years of training on my own!

The amount of weight I lost and muscle tone I’ve built up is not what I expected at all, and it only gives me more motivation to continue with Charlie to learn more.

I would definitely recommend Charlie, he is the best trainer around!

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