January 08, 2019

I studied up for 3-6 months to try and find the trainer for me, After an initial few questions via social media (mainly about accomodating for a vegetarian) I was surprised I got a response within a few hours. Embarking on this 12 week challenge was exactly what it said, a challenge! I decided to put my fitness goals into Charlie’s hands after a couple of years of what I believed I was eating well, lifting well but found I was stagnant. I needed a change! The 12 weeks was not easy you need dedication and a strong mind/ want to complete as you will get out what you put in, he has been very good to communicate with constantly asking questions about my mood, hunger levels etc. throwing in a cheat meal every now and then. The program and diet really put it into perspective how much unnecessary junk we put into our body’s thinking we need it.
So upon reflection and after completing I could not be happier with my results, I feel great! Healthy and now have a consistent daily routine of work, cooking, gym and or cardio, So much so I’m now doing another 12 weeks of a lean bulking program.


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