October 28, 2019

Halloween is just around the corner and we all know that comes with a lot of temptations if you are trying to lose weight and keep to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Though we do not think that treating yourself is a bad thing, we have come up with a few tips that will help you keep on the straight and narrow this Halloween, but still be able to have an amazing time with family and friends.


The problem with Halloween is that before we know it, we can be eating thousands of calories and still feel like we haven’t eaten many at all. They are very calorie dense treats and also packed with sugars and complex carbs that your body finds harder to deal with. But I’ve listed some tricks that you can use this Halloween:


  • Eat before you go trick or treating.


Make sure you’ve got some good food in your stomach before you go out. This will help curb cravings a lot more and also mentally you can remind yourself that you have in fact already eaten and then limit the amount you can eat whilst you are out. If you can keep to a high fibre meal that will keep you full through the evening and make it without feeling like you are being left out.

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  • Take some time to learn the calories content of Halloween sweets.


No one wants to really do this but looking at the calorie content of the treats that you are being given or that you buy yourself will help you keep tracking a little more. Some people even buy sweets that they do not like to make sure they will not want to eat it which I think it quite smart. Or even go out of your way and don’t get sweets at all, get them toys are little gifts instead which means there will not be any sort of temptation in the house for you as people come to your door.


  • Get those steps in.


If you have small children and they want to go out and do some trick or treating, they lace up your boots and get going with them. You can make it a lot more fun for everyone, get involved and dress up. You can even take your activity tracker to see how much you and the kids can do.


If you don’t have children, then you can still get involved. Just go out and make sure you get around 10,000 for the day and then you can relax a little more when temptation comes along and treat yourself a little.


  • Burn those sweet calories at home.


Don’t feel like you can sit at home knowing there is a snickers in the cupboard calling your name, then keep active. Do an exercise DVD, get some cleaning and washing done and keep your brain active. That will help curb those cravings, you could ever get food in for the week and make it meal prep evening, keeping those senses happy with the smells of amazing meals you have planned yourself for the week.


I hope at least one of these is going to help you keep track on your calorie intake over the Halloween season. Got a good tip that you want to share, then please comment below and let us know.


Have an amazing day




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