July 19, 2019

There will always be a ‘latest’ food diet sort of scam going around to entice people to jump on board and see the possibilities. It is one of the biggest money makers in the world is a ‘quick fix’ because a lot of people do not want to work over an extended period of time in order to get where they want to go.


But there are some that are silly, some that are misleading information and some that are darn confusing so I have put together here some so called myths about food so you hopefully get a better understanding.


MYTH: Juice is very healthy for you because it comes from fruits and vegetables.


From a variety of different diets a lot of them praise the ‘low-carb’ diet. From Atkins to keto, people have raved about these low carb diets in the ability to help you lose weight quickly. But you should proceed with them with caution. It is not really suggested in general to eradicate one food group as we need them all for different reasons, so swapping carbs for a high fat alternative isn’t going to do your body the best that it needs in the long term. Will it help in the short term? Yes of course as a change in your routine/diet/life usually results in your body reacting to that, sometimes it loses weight and, in some cases, you can gain it.

These diets work for a short period of time and that is why they are designed that way, get you onto the hype wagon, get some money off you and then you need to buy something else to keep it going. This way of dieting is very stressful for your body as it will go into more of a survival mode in order to keep you alive. I suggest that you keep a healthy relationship with all food groups and educate yourself on which you need a little more of, for an example if you are a builder that works outside for long hours, you may want more carbs in your diet to give you the energy that you need throughout the day.


MYTH: All fat is bad for your health


Though there are so many people out there that praise this, sorry but you are kind of wrong. There are definitely some types of fats that you should be staying away from, but then there are a lot of good fats out there that actually help you feel fuller and keep your energy levels up. It is suggested that you try to keep to polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which are ones like olive oil, fish, plant based (avocado is a legend) and then try to keep yourself away from trans fats and some saturated fats, like red meat (though this has other qualities too) and butter, and yes a McDonalds comes under this too even though you are eating a chicken burger.


You can enjoy fats too; a lot of people use them in the wrong manner. Yes, a hamburger is not the best source of fat that you could have, but at the same time you could have that as a cheat meal then go and smash a massive leg work out that puts all that energy to good use. Remember that food is a relationship and you can have some fun with it, in moderation.


MYTH: Coffee is an unhealthy habit


I think people mainly get mixed up with coffee and caffeine. Which to be honest neither are that bad for you in moderation. You can definitely still go out and have your Starbucks but maybe guzzling 4 in a row is a bad idea. The only downside that has been recorded to my knowledge is that if you are used to having a lot of caffeine in your diet and then you suddenly go cold turkey, then you may experience some withdrawal systems like headaches, this is completely normal and is the same if you were on a high sugar diet and then go to chicken and rice suddenly. Your body needs time to adjust to what you have just asked it to do.


Coffee has also been found to have some very good health benefits, so you enjoy that cup of Joe in the morning. It is great source for antioxidants for a lot of people around the world.


MYTH: Detox diets and cleanses help remove toxins


These do not work! They are a complete and utter waste of your money and I will happily say it. Your body has already got a built in system that does this for you, it is called your kidneys and liver. These cleanses do not work period, they are filled with random crap that is supposedly good for you and they whack a great big profit margin on it. Don’t buy into it.

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