January 13, 2019



  1. Set a GOAL and be ACCOUNTABLE

I am a huge believer in setting goals! Personally in. the business or fitness world SMART goals are extremely important 

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Time related

An example of a SMART goal for 2019 would be I want to lose 5kg (specific and measurable, plus relevant as its something YOU want) within 3 months (time related and achievable) 

I would then look to break this down into smaller incremental amounts such as losing just over a 1kg roughly per month.

  1. Get a PLAN! 

Once you have a goal, how are you going to achieve this? 

Hard work when misdirected will get you nowhere, think about setting off from a harbor full power in a speed boat with no direction of where to go from there?

Have a structured plan set out for you, then just take everyday 24 hours at a time and constantly tick the boxes. 

Have I stuck to my diet?

Did I complete my workout and not train like a pussy?

Have I been getting enough good quality sleep?

If you can tick all 3 of the above boxed and you have the correct program set up you are GUARANTEED to achieve your goals!



Now this is a tricky subject.

When it comes to getting in shape every Tom, Dick and Harry is trying to preach to you about this revolutionary training program and diet protocol they have come up with.

This can make the whole process confusing and stressful, as you end up in paralysis by over analysis. 

One of the best ways to LEARN and to get in the best shape possible is to hire either a personal trainer or an online coach.

If you are new to working out learning the basics properly from an excellent trainer will ensure you can maximise your time in the gym, minimise injury risk and accelerate your progress.

That on top of learning from a trainer or coach how a diet is to be structured based around your requirements will be a huge learning curve for you and will save you time, money and a lot of wasted hard work.

Now most importantly!

To achieve anything in 2019 you have to actually do something, start! Everyone talks the talk but very few people actually take action.

Seize the day.

If you do nothing you get nothing, make a change today!


I have a few limited one to one coaching spaces available, if your interested please send your enquiries through to cjcoaching@icloud.comwith your goal and why I should work with you!


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